Thanking this wonderful Autumn day.

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Starting tomorrow, locked again at home for weeks, maybe months.

After a difficult year, returning to stay indoors will be challenging even for a home-office rat like me.

I, therefore, decided to spend this day in the park, a place that always gives me beautiful hours, enabling self-regeneration.

It’s a wonderful Autumn day. Fresh air, sun warming with discretion.

Yet, at this precise point, it sounds like it’s raining. It’s leaves incessantly falling from the countless surrounding trees.

Some of these trees were probably here since before I was born. And they’ll probably still be here when I’m gone. However, I have seen the leaves be born, show themselves in their full vigor, and now lavishly return to the earth. …

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When today should be spent differently.

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Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

Just received and read the new editorial from Medium, The Edition.

A new flagship publication is announced, about batteries: The Mobilist.

If you wanted to read about batteries on Medium, you’re served. Go clapping like crazy, if your battery level allows it, and I’m happy for you. If you wanted to know how Medium supports independent publications, now you know once more. It doesn’t. Recharging Medium batteries come first.

Jokes apart, I totally get the editorial choice. It makes sense, even if it’s yet another excellent publication I probably won’t read anything from. …

My Medium statistics are so motivating.

These days, my stats on Medium are interesting. Even motivating, someway.

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I know your eyes are stuck on the Medium logo top-left, and you can’t help resisting its charm, but try to focus on what matters. The Medium stats, of course.

As you can see, my writing skills got a boost on Oct 21, then declined to my usual written chatter.

But since my ego can’t accept such a decline, I thought, at first, about a Medium bug.

None of those views translated into views for any of my stories or comments (2k/day don’t go unnoticed for a Medium pauper like me). So, I informed Medium, who confirmed that my writing is not enticing — emails included — by not replying to me at all. …

Bypassing Medium menus.

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Photo by Chiara F on Unsplash

Navigating Medium pages may not be that quick, especially if you're doing that daily. Because you’re doing that daily, right?

Good for you, because I’m more into an hourly base, and I’m starting to think that it’s not healthy.

Anyway. Now that Medium improved the interface, navigating menus and logos is even more bothersome.

The good news is that you can escape that with shortcuts. How? With direct URLs.

URLs, in our case, are the addresses that you read or write in the address bar of your browser. …

Hey, is there someone at Medium who tests things?

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Photo by Tuur Tisseghem from Pexels

A few weeks ago I was gifted — like many others — with the new profile page.

I wish I wasn’t, but here we are.

Hopefully, it will improve, but it felt like an alpha version of a prototype was there.

Among the many lacks, the list of your followers. The number of followers was there, but not clickable.

Luckily you could get the list back with a hack.

The hack is just using the dedicated URL:

But yesterday I had a welcome surprise. Welcome for two seconds.

The follower count is clickable again.

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Click on it and…

Well, I don’t know what you get but, in my case, it’s four followers. …

Medium physics is inflexible.

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Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Among all the mess Medium did till now in order to improve our relationship with our readers, one feature happens to be a good one.

Digging better, it’s two features. But one annihilates the other. Like matter and anti-matter.

The feature

Latest from following. With faces in it. And a badge with a number inside.

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You may think it's trivial but tell that to one who waited for years for that.

I think someone shed a tear of joy, when they saw that panel.

You click on the pal’s profile, and you expect to get exactly what you expect to get. …

About not getting what anyone else had already understood.

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Photo by Dorothy Castillo from Pexels

Before you start thinking that this is about leaving a job, cheating, drugs, marriage, eating carbs, or subscribing to Medium, I’ll stop you.

This is about entropy.

Entropy made simple

Everything dies.

Too simple definition, I get it. Even a bit dark.

Rewording it, entropy is about the randomness of a system, or the lack of a perpetual “imposed” state. In an open system, like our life is, entropy can be seen as the force that makes things degrade. All things.

Physicists will have already stopped reading, by this point, but we insist.

Local order is always the result of specific forces. When those forces are absent and your “system” is in contact with the rest of the world, it will inevitably “wither.” …

Ringraziando questa stupenda giornata autunnale.

English version here.

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tutte le immagini dall’autore

Da domani, nuovamente chiusi in casa per settimane, forse mesi.

Dopo un anno difficile, tornare a restare chiusi in casa sarà impegnativo anche per uno come me, abituato a stare nel suo studio casalingo giorno dopo giorno.

Ho quindi deciso di passare questa giornata al parco, un posto che mi dona sempre bellissime ora, in grado di rigenerarmi.

È una stupenda giornata autunnale. Aria fresca, ma il sole che scalda, con discrezione.

Eppure, in questo preciso punto, sembra che piova. È il rumore delle foglie, che cadono incessantemente dagli innumerevoli alberi circostanti.

Alcuni di questi alberi sono probabilmente qui da prima che io nascessi. E probabilmente saranno ancora qui quando non ci sarò più. Le foglie, invece, le ho viste nascere, mostrarsi nel loro pieno vigore, e ora fastosamente tornare alla terra. …

The other advantages of masks.

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Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Masks suck, let’s face it. But wearing a mask has important advantages.

The first one, by far, in my opinion, is that you can avoid laughing or smiling at jokes and nonsense. Not easy because, unfortunately, the expression on your face reveals whether you’re laughing or not. And the possible sound, of course. But if you equip yourself with a wide mask and try to lift your cheeks, at the same time hinting at a sudden movement of the head, you can simulate a little.

But the opposite is also true. For example, when anyone tells you something serious, even tragic, but unbearably boring. Easy. Just nod. But don’t nod too much, or they may continue indefinitely. …

Gli altri vantaggi della mascherina.

English version here.

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Foto di cottonbro su Pexels

La mascherina è una palla, diciamocelo. Però ha vantaggi importanti.

Il primo, di gran lunga, secondo me, è quello che puoi evitare di ridere o sorridere alle battute e alle scemenze. Non è facile perché, putroppo, l’espressione del viso lascia trapelare se stai ridendo o no. E anche l’eventuale sonorità, certo. Però se ti attrezzi con una mascherina ampia e provi a sollevare gli zigomi, contemporaneamente accennando un improvviso movimento della testa, un po’ riesci a simulare.

Ma è vero anche il contrario. Per esempio, quando un amico o conoscente che sia ti racconta una cosa seria, anche tragica, ma pallosissima. E qui è facilissimo. Basta annuire e via, è fatta. Ma non annuire troppo, sennò continua all’infinito. Poi il distanziamento, in questo caso, aiuta. …


Vico Biscotti

Engineer, rebooting from crash. Editor of

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